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Tommy Lacroix

Tommy Lacroix

I am a web development entrepreneur living in Montreal, QC, Canada.

I learnt programming at the age of 9 when me dad showed my all he knew about it : print and input commands in Basic language. 9 months later, I had exhausted my PET 7KB memory, then it was a TRS-80 model 100, then a i8086. I bought my first computer at 15, an awesome AMD K5, and had fun on the demo scene coding over-optimized video drivers and game-like effects in 586 and 686 assembler.

At the age of 16, I had the chance to meet Benoît Leroux and Martin Langlois, who gave me my first shot as a web programmer to code the first search engine for Go! Montreal, a now deceased web directory devoted to Montreal web sites.

I later worked as a technical support agent for TotalNet (bought by BCE Emergis at the end of the 90) and CAM Internet (now named Cooptel), where I became network operator, then IT operations director. I briefly worked for Zero Knowledge Systems (now named Radial Point) as well.

In 1998, I founded a web development/programming company called Quantik Solutions, and partnered with Frédéric Trudeau in 2006. We’ve had 3 full time employees, and many big and smaller customers. In 2008, we merged with orangetango, a communication agency, to become their web division.

I left the company in April 2009, and I now run a web development and consulting agency called Nuage Lab, specializing in content management systems, web and mobile application architecture and large-scale cloud-based deployment.

I have great interest in programming (PHP, C#, Javascript, node.js, etc.), usability, marketing, artificial intelligence, statistics, software architecture, fitness, rock climbing and bouldering.



NuageLab Apr. 2009 – now

Web development and mobile apps. Consulting on cloud-based infrastructure. WordPress specialist.

A few projects we worked on:

  • Qui fait Quoi, mobile app and backend (Cordova, Laravel)
  • Vinci Park, frontend web app and backend (WordPress), via L’agence Next
  • What Carey Drinks (Eska), via Prospek Création, backend development and consulting (cloud infrastructure management)
  • Portable North Pole, programming (PHP, Node.js, Flash) and consulting (cloud infrastructure management)
  • CHEM Santévia Prospek Création
  • TAG Taxi, mobile prototyping and backend development (Phonegap, Node.js)
  • Hors-Série, via Prospek Création, Applied Arts 2011 prize

Orangetango Studio Web inc. 2008 – 2009

Design and development of web sites and web applications.

A few projects we worked on:

  • Cabine C, Boomerang 2008 great prize
  • Portable North Pole, Boomrang 2009 prize
  • Allegro
  • GSM Project
  • Shoot Studio
  • Parti Québécois
  • Conservatoire du Québec
  • Fondation les petits trésors
  • Infopresse/Transcontinental Boomrang project, Boomerang 2008 prize

Quantik Solutions 1998 – 2008

Design and development of web sites and web applications.

A few projects we worked on:

  • Portable North Pole
  • Inpowr
  • Educ’Alcool, via Inpix Media
  • Contact, L’encyclopédie de la création, via Turbulent Média
  • Martin Matte
  • Gary Kurtz
  • Arthur Anderson, via Codesign
  • Kiné Concept, via Codesign
  • Germain Larivière, via Codesign
  • CAM Internet, technical director, 1998-2005
  • Cyberlab Design Inc., web developer, 1996-1998
  • Marketing, certificate, UQAM, 2011
  • Business Management, certificate, UQAM, 2006
  • French, native
  • English, fluent
  • Spanish, intermediate